Velvet exudes luxury and next to satin it is the most tactile of fabrics, bringing a soft and plush feel to bedrooms and living rooms alike. There are a number of ways you can incorporate 2109’s most opulent trend into your living spaces.

Velvet Sofas

A velvet sofa is the heroine of the room, it’s luxe look is a lounger’s paradise. Velvet sofas have been a staple in sitting rooms and lounges since before the Sun King envisaged his Versailles and have maintained their appearance in hotels and homes throughout modern history only to be reinvented as the new luxury trend of 2019.

With Velvet sofas coming in a range of sizes and colours you can find a velvet sofa to fit your budget and style with ease. You can either make a statement with a couch that offers a pop of colour or opt for something more muted that adds an inviting element into your room.

Velvet Occasional Chairs

Occasional chairs come in many styles and sizes and can be placed in almost any room of a home. Think of adding velvet end chairs to your dining table or create a cozy reading nook with an oversized velvet armchair.

Ottomans are also an ingenuous way to add a touch of velvet to your living room or bedroom, these versatile furniture pieces can be used as extra seating, footrests or you can use your ottoman as a makeshift table by simply placing a mirrored tray on top of it.

Montague Ottoman

Velvet Headboards

Bring in the velvet trend into your bedroom by adding a plush velvet headboard. Velvet headboards paired with crisp bedsheets and an oversized fluffy blanket will beckon you in for a night of well-deserved sleep in a luxurious embrace.

Velvet Accessories

Scatter cushions are a great way to keep your home’s look fresh and updated. Velvet cushions can be used both in the bedroom and living room to effectively inject 2019’s hottest trend into your décor.