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Interior Decor Services

Room Makeover

A virtual or on-site design consultation. Inclusion of the suppliers and product prices.

· 50% deposit is required to start and 50% post project.

· All furniture and furnishing that is purchased will be an additional cost as per the client’s budget.

· 10% of the entire budgeted project for multiple spaces.

Room Styling

A Mood Board with suggested decor elements and items curated for your specific space.

Inclusion of the suppliers and product prices.

· Styling fee for small areas (entrance tables, server tables)

· Styling fee for larger spaces(bedrooms, office spaces, bath- rooms and nursery)

Home Shopping

This service is for a specific spot in your home that requires quick finishing touches – from decor for your console table or perfecting your coffee table look a quick call will help us to visualise and perfect your look!

· A virtual or telephonic consult.

· Shopping experience – with you or on your behalf.

· Optional – space styling

Additional services

· Deep cleaning

· Repairs & Upholstery

· Fabric / Leather protection

Our Services


In.Signio = Individual Interior + Signature Style
In.signio was founded by Shazeaa an Interior Designer by Profession who is a lover of all things creative.
She is also an international furniture and home décor buyer who brings together interior design and styling services transforming client spaces into a signature look.

"I believe that the finer details from a place setting to an ornament on a shelf, all have a story to tell. Your space affects your mood and overall sense of well-being and that's where I step in to make sure your home represents your character, and signature style."


For You To Consider

Room Purpose/

Deciding your Room’s Purpose is the first most important step – Will the room be used to entertain, or is it a family room that will be used everyday to watch tv in, or will it be a relaxation room


Work within a reasonable budget to achieve the desired look and feel.

Floor Plan/

Create a floor Plan – dimensions and measurements are an integral part of design and décor as they allow you to manage spaces in order to maximise functionality.

Personal Style/

You’ll be involved in the design process to ensure your space is personalised and unique to your taste.

Signature Piece/

Starting With a Signature Piece will give the inspiration for the rest of the room and Choosing a colour palette will create harmony.

Design Process/

We create a detailed design brief to determine your needs and wants. We take ideas , suggestion and go over them  discussing how we can incorporate the things you love.