It’s finally happening! The grey skies are clearing up and we’re all about Summer style. As we head into the silly season (and, boy, do we need it) we’re feeling inspired to redecorate and give this year a much-needed lift! If you’re looking to update your home after spending so much time in it – these are our favorite design trends for Summer!

Golden Yellow

Yellow is making a BIG comeback for Summer. But it’s brighter than the mustards we’ve seen in recent years. Think something a little lighter, a little more golden. It’s less earthy than mustard and is venturing into orange even. Imagine a sunset but in your home. We suggest this bright Maldini couch to start!

Mixing textures

While trends often talk about color ideas or styles, this Summer we’re focusing on texture. The trick this year is to combine a variety of textures in one space, so you create a kind of mixed media art piece. Think: sleek leather armchairs and velvet occasional chairs (obsessed with the Antis occasional chair), mixed with strong wooden mirror frames. We even love the idea of combining different materials within one piece, like a wooden coffee table with upholstered panels on the sides.

Nature is still in

The trend of incorporating greenery into your space isn’t going anywhere soon. But more than just adding a few extra pot plants to the windowsill, we’re looking at bringing in natural motifs and images to pillows, wallpaper, artwork, and bedspreads. Think of anything that shows nature as a muse, from leaves and plants to birds and flowers. 

Girly, but grown-up

There is a strong feminine overtone to Summer’s design style. But, this isn’t your average girly bedroom trend. This is girls grown up. Spend time developing your bedroom and dressing rooms, focusing on a color palette of champagne, dashes of soft pink, and warm neutrals. Stick to softer fabrics, and a bit of glam in the form of crystal, glass, and antiqued mirrors. We love the Aldo mirrored dresser, the Bella bedroom set, or the Aero Console. 

Floor cushions

Let’s face it, there is usually a lot of families that descend in the Summer. Make sure you’re ready for visitors with a little extra seating that also does wonders for your 2020 Summer style: the floor cushion. They’re more affordable than buying whole new couches and, if you get one in a sturdy fabric like leather, they can withstand being moved around, taken outside, and the occasional spill. 

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise 

While we might have been prone to minimalism recently, we’re getting a little more whimsical in Summer. Not that we should buy unconsciously, but we definitely want to add a touch of flair through a few, well-thought-out accessories like throws, pillows, and rugs. Go bold with these. Think geometric patterns, bright colors, and embellished add-ons