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22 Jun Turn your home into a haven
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Home is feeling. A Sanctuary is synonymous with comfort, peace, and protection. Our go-to place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and our personal retreat. You can create a sanctuary at..
08 Jun Top tips on how to buy furniture online from the comfort of your own home
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Are you planning a home or room makeover without the hassle of clocking up miles and your fuel bill, driving from one store to another? The traditional approach to furniture shopping can leave one exh..
18 May Pantone Of The Year 2022
TasneemMohamed 0 105
PANTONE OF THE YEAR You might have wondered what influences colour palettes that influence fashion, home décor and furnishings and product designs. Pantone’s Colour of the Year is decided by the p..
04 May Instantly update your Homes look this Winter
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Winter is a season for indoor entertainment, fire side chats and long lazy nights of lounging. Our collection is sure to light up your interior this Winter – and just in case Eskom doesn’t keep the li..
03 May Blogger Showcase @ModernZuluMom
TasneemMohamed 0 123
Blogger Showcase   Tell us about you? Thando Naves is a mom of Three , who works as a tenant development specialist and digital content creator She loves sharin..
19 Apr How to create the ultimate home cinematic experience
TasneemMohamed 0 183
How To Create The Ultimate Home Cinematic Experience   The long autumn and winter nights, coupled with soaring fuel prices means a whole lot more Netflix and chill nights at home this season. In h..
06 Apr Our Favourite Autumn Interior Décor Trends
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Autumn is a season that marks the transition from a summer in full bloom to winter, a period of pause in anticipation of the long winter ahead marked by short days and longer nights. It presents the..
23 Mar The Best Budget-Friendly Home Makeover tips
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We all love watching home make-over shows! Seeing how a group of experts can turn a plain, boring house, into something that can feature in a decor magazine. We all secretly wish that we could be that..
17 Mar The Millennial's Guide To Buying Furniture
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Setting up your new home or apartment can be scary. Buying something may seem like something only your parents know how to do and choosing the perfect option for your taste, your home and your budget ..
06 Mar Your Ultimate Couch-Buying Guide
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Having a comfortable couch in your home (preferably more than one), is something we tend to think of as a given. The role that a couch plays in our lives is not something that we give a lot of thoug..
06 Mar 5 Summer Design Trends You Need To Know!
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Summer. Everyone’s favourite time of year. Summer dresses, weekends of lounging next to the swimming pool and spending all your time enjoying the outdoors. The end of summer is drawing closer, but tha..
28 Feb SiabeshoThutha - Essops Interior Designer
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Siabesho Thutha is a stone turner, bold and charismatic co-creative director of Blaque Pearl Lifestyle, a fully integrated interior design & decor company that was established in 2014.
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