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Welcome to Essops home

Essops Home have been in the furniture industry since 1991 and over the years have served millions of satisfied customers. We understand the aspiration to attain the level of style desired ,the need for convenience and the ultimate search for quality and service.

Essops, being a direct importer as well as buying bulk from local South Africans, Factories strive on giving our clients the best prices and in no way compromising on the quality and service. After all we are known to provide quality furniture at affordable prices.

Essops Home is a family business since the early 90s, and with many years of experience , traditions passed on from generation to generation. We source only the best leather and the finest wood.

We have and continue to create contemporary designer products at affordable prices.

We sell high quality products and do not compete with inferior merchandise. We invite you to our state of the art showrooms in 8 great locations across South Africa. (Gauteng).


Essops Home